Haleon Canada Warm Clothes Warm Hearts

Haleon Canada Warm Clothes Warm Hearts

Many First Nation communities, hamlets, and towns across northern Canada face significant barriers in accessing essential goods and services. Often situated in remote areas that are only accessible by plane, barge, or are a long drive from major city centers, communities are forced to pay exorbitant prices for food and other goods such as backpacks, beds, and warm clothing. Children are particularity marginalized. Imagine a family of 5 children only having warm clothing for one of their kids.

Haleon Canada wants to be a part of the solution.

Please help us reach our goal of providing over 200 snowsuits to children in need. Donate today!

Honour Roll


Trevor Nichols
Nov 24, 2022
Ontario, CA


Laura Magnotta
Nov 23, 2022
Ontario, CA


Karen Barootes
Nov 18, 2022
Ontario, CA


Meelie & Sam Sattler
Nov 17, 2022
Ontario, CA

“Marc Rodgers”


Marc Rodgers
Nov 15, 2022
Ontario, CA

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