Help End Period Poverty

Help End Period Poverty

The Ontario government has recently announced that they are going to supply period products in Ontario schools. This is really exciting and it’s about time this issue is receiving some attention, but our Indigenous communities are federally funded which means that they are not able to benefit from this amazing opportunity. So take a moment to consider the following questions:

• Have you ever spent $18 on a box of tampons?

• Have you ever had to think about if you can afford your period products?

• Have you ever had to stay home because you didn’t have period products?

• Have you ever had to consider buying period products OR buying food,

not both?

… What if this was your monthly reality?

Please consider donating to help end period poverty.

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“Thank you for creating this fundraiser for Moon Time Sisters!”


Veronica Brown
Nov 3, 2021
Ontario, Canada


Jenna Baxter
Oct 30, 2021
Ontario, Canada

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