The plan is to convert used containers to safe and comfortable housing facilities. To provide maximum living space at at the lowest cost, the units would be modified in a shop with doors and windows. The exterior would be finished with 6” R20 insulation and pre-finished powder coated corrugated steel siding before delivery to the construction site. They would be placed professionally installed screw-pile foundations.

Container homes are fireproof and when properly insulated and partitioned can become premium accommodation. The building can have communal areas for dining and social activities.

On-site completion would include recruiting volunteer apprentices to help with painting, conduit surface wiring, plumbing and HVAC under the guidance of professionals.

The units can be configured as stand-alone 1 bedroom homes or 1-2 bedroom, bachelor suites and 8x8 MicroSuiteHomes with shared washrooms. Each unit will be fully isolated and sound separated with double 5/8 drywall and insulation from every other units to prevent the spread of bedbugs and other pests.

Check www.MicroSuiteHome.com for more information.

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