Morning Glory Moontime

Morning Glory Moontime

It's that time of year again I will be collecting, packing and donating to Moontime Sisters to help aid period poverty in the north for our Indigenous people. This week is a great week to donate with Truth & Reconciliation on our minds. I will be collecting till the second last week of November! I also accept e-transfer to shop for the products listed if needed. Lots of ways to help ! Thanks in advance for your support!

A Note from Christine Jones, Donor Relations and Corporate Outreach Coordinator for True North Aid: Thank you for your interest to support Moon Time Sisters! Please note that if you make an e-transfer of funds to Cassandra to purchase menstrual products, those funds will not qualify for an official tax receipt from True North Aid. Money must be donated directly to True North Aid to qualify for an official tax receipt. If you have any questions, please email Christine at [email protected] or call 306-517-2431. Thank you!

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